PERM Intake Transcription

We developed a custom Python program to populate fields in an Immigration Law Firm’s case management system.

The  program is designed to scrape data from a PERM intake form and push it into ImmigrationTracker via its External API. The information from the Word document is pushed into the cloud-based platform using JSON formatted requests.

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When users run the executable, they are prompted to identify the location of the PERM intake form.

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After navigating to the form and clicking “Ready”, the program logic splits into one of two possible paths. If the company on the intake form doesn’t exist in the system already, a new company is created and all of the information from the form is pushed into ImmigrationTracker. Links to the newly created entities are provided on a new pop-up GUI.

If the company already exists, the user is brought onto a screen requiring input. This screen displays both the information already in the system and the new data on the intake form. The user then chooses which data points to push into the platform and the program completes the transfer of data.